Better Living Challenge


Exhibitors: Fire Away!

Oct 01, 2014

Uncontrolled fire is extremely dangerous in low income communities because of the proximity of homes. These Exhibitors show us how to harness fire as a commodity and reduce the risk of fire where it poses a threat.


Super Safe Candle Holder by Wikus van Niekerk and Conrad Stoffberg is a simple wire candle holder designed to prevent a candle from tipping over and starting a fire.


wikus 2

Image: The Super Safe Candle Holder by Wikus van Niekerk and Conrad Stoffberg



Image: The Super Safe Candle Holder when horizontal



Similarly, Dustin Brinkley’s Light 4 Life is a safe candle holder, which prevents upright or fallen candles from igniting surfaces and nearby objects yet allows for maximum illumination from the candle!



Image: Dustin Brinkley’s entry Light 4 Life



Image: A detailed look at Light 4 Life



Image: Just some of the benefits of the Light 4 Life candle holder



Image: Testing the Light 4 Life Prototype



Image: The Light 4 Life is safe and improves illumination!


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