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Exhibitors: Piece by Piece

Aug 12, 2014

Judging by the entries we received, space-saving, modular pieces are indeed the future of furniture. Combine convenience, affordability and sustainable production and there’s a problem-solver! Here’s a peek at some of our Exhibitor solutions that embody this notion.


Add-It Shelving by Y Tsai  features a simple interlocking system that allows shelving to be arranged variably.


  Add-it Shelving by Y Tsai

                            Add-it Shelving by Y Tsai 2

   Images: Tsai Design Studio



Aram Lello’s TEX, on the other hand, is an economical, multifunctional furniture system made from eco-friendly plywood. Pieces can be used individually or joined together to create other useful elements such as a table and chairs.


                                          LELLO_DESIGN_TEX_SEQUENCE (436x640)
                                                                                                Images: Lello Designs


The All-In-One Bedroom by Samantha Webber is a compact and low-cost product that combines the functions of a comfortable bed, desk, seating and a light – which can all be tucked away when not in use.


Sam Webber

Drawing supplied by: Samantha Webber


Want to know more about our other Exhibitors? Look out for next week’s newsletter as we continue to feature some of the fantastic solutions you’ll be able to see at the Showcase in October!