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Looking into the future: What’s next for the BLC

Jul 03, 2019

The BLC team are investigating the development of a Knowledge Platform that will continue to empower builders with the necessary knowledge and skills to improve buildings and their businesses. While this process is still in its infancy, a brief has been completed by our team, and this will inform the potential development of a platform.

The key objective here is to create a free-to-access online portal which will provide easy-to-access information to any builder working in the informal housing sector. One of the channels being explored is video as a medium to communicate, with an emphasis on mobile devices as the way to reach a wider audience of builders. The content would be created with the expertise of key institutions and stakeholders in the local building industry.

It is envisioned that the Knowledge Platform will work in conjunction with future Incubators. The team is currently exploring a range of opportunities to run more Design + Build training opportunities locally.

If you are interested to know more, please contact the CDI via