Better Living Challenge


KMPG Assists our Winners

Feb 12, 2015

The three winners of the Better Living Challenge 2014 attended a business strategy workshop earlier this month.  Our partner KPMG generously hosted and facilitated this workshop.

Typically a business strategy will encompass a vision statement, business model (describing how an organisation organises its values) and business plan. The focus for this workshop was on the business model of each of the three winning solutions of the Better Living Challenge.

Didier d’Hotman and Tim Bettany of USE-IT Compressed Earth Blocks, Michael Wolf representing CitySpec, and Emily Vining and Francois Petousis of Lumkani attended the workshop, facilitated by Andrie Graham of KPMG.

Better Living Challenge Winners at KPMG workshop

The participants were asked to map their business models by unpacking key elements, such as partners, activities, resources, customers, costs and revenue streams.

The analysis of each business model was valuable in identifying gaps in the current practices of each of the winners’ businesses. This helped to identify how the services of the Better Living Challenge award will help each winner further develop their organisation and/or their solution.

An Expert Service

Following on from the KPMG Business Strategy workshop, Naim Rassool of Olive Expert Services worked with the three winners of the Better Living Challenge to develop a road map of activities that will determine how each will benefit from their awards at a very practical level. Naim’s business focus areas are Strategy, Management Consulting and Technology Innovation. In working with our winners, he contributed enormous value to the practical realization of their awards.

From left to right: Francois, Emily, Naim and Didier