Better Living Challenge


BLC Incubator builders implementing the lessons learnt

Jul 08, 2019

The 15 small-scale builders who participated in the BLC Design + Build Incubator have been making strides improving the homes they build in the communities they are working in, as well as collaborating with each other on projects. They have been implementing what they have learnt on a wide range of builds, and below are a few examples they have shared with us over the course of the past few weeks.

Bongani Mene
Bongani completed a project a few weeks ago where he was able to implement some of the techniques he learnt through the Incubator.  

This included separating the roof from the walls to allow the home owner to be able to extend incrementally in future. The roof allows this by being unscrewed, then reinstalled and used again on the next level. He has also included Zinc sheeting on the walls in a technique that reduces cut-offs during construction, ensures water runs off and strengthens his walls. The gap between the walls and roof is to be clad in translucent sheeting which will provide lighting inside the structure.

Above: Bongani Mene’s building

Vuyani Mteto and Khanyo Kopolo

Vuyani has been working with fellow BLC incubatee Khanyo Kopolo on a project and is using structural bracing in a way that saves material and improves the structures.

Above: Vuyani Mteto and Khanyo Kopolo

Mzoli Booi
Mzoli has been has been part of phase one of a project in Mtshiniwami using incremental upgrading and building with sandbag technology. This is being facilitated by UBU, CORC & ISN. The BLC team is hoping to get more of the 15 BLC builders involved on the second phase of this project.  

Khanyo Kopolo and Sinesipho Ziselo
Khanyo has also worked with Sinesipho Ziselo on a double story structure using structural bracing for strength and to save material; and also including thermal insulation and fire rated materials.

β€œAt the incubator I learnt and experienced a lot and it was great for my personal development. Now I notice a lot of the things I did not realise about myself such my own potential and capabilities. On the business side I have improved a lot, such as how I present to customers,” says Khanyo.

Above: Building by Kanyo Kopolo and Sinesipho Ziselo