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IKYA Home goes up in Khayelitsha

Sep 15, 2015

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BLC Finalist’s IKYA Home has gone up in Khayelitsha! IKYA Homes was chosen as one of 12 Finalists (out of 62 entries) in the Structural Home Category of the BLC. Developed by Cape Town-based firm Durobuild, the IKYA Home has been designed and built specifically to handle South Africa’s tough climatic, geographical and social conditions. To date Durobuild, the firm behind IKYA, has put 51 units up in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village and 20 emergency shelters in Hout Bay and Delft.

These fire-proof homes are built in modular form on metal-frame structures made of South African steel. With comfort and strength in mind, they are insulated by aluminium/plastic bubble sheets between the steel structure and the external cladding. Using recycled materials wherever possible, IKYA Homes also feature solid front doors, small windowsills and – crucially – a functional toilet area with washbasin, toilet and shower.

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To date 51 units have been put up in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village and 20 emergency shelters in Hout Bay and Delft. Another 500 are scheduled to go up in Busasa. In the meanwhile, a home-owner in Khayelitsha has bought his own IKYA Home. All in all, it took three days to have the new home in place – one day for the family to remove their old, wooden shack, one day to erect the IKYA house, and another day for final finishes.

IKYA Homes aim to fill the gap between permanent homes and informal dwellings and it is great to see these being taken up in communities across Cape Town!

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