Better Living Challenge


Further Support for Builders

May 10, 2019

The Better Living Challenge is currently conducting a pilot mentorship programme designed to support further builders. Mentorship sessions are conducted monthly with various experts who share business support insights with the builders.

The small scale builders have expressed appreciation for the session as they keep informed and connected. In one of the sessions the builders highlighted some of the highlights and benefits of  the BLC Design + Build.

They builders also shared some of the challenges they are experiencing in the process of building their own businesses.

The Building Centre has once again provided support to the BLC in the form of making their boardroom available for mentorship session.

Some builders have expressed that the mentorship sessions will be instrumental in their development as they keep them accountable to implement some of the lessons learnt during the BLC Design + Build Incubator. The next mentorship session will be conducted in June 2019.