Better Living Challenge


Exhibitors: Food for thought

Oct 15, 2014

These Exhibitors offer green solutions for the heart of every home – the kitchen!


The nifty Cooker Cooler by Keith Wyness is a compact kitchen unit that includes a worktop and sink, as well as place for a portable paraffin stove, an insulated compartment, a passive cooler and space for food storage.


285-16-06_Iso View Lids OffImage: Keith Wyness’ Cooker Cooler is a nifty solution that incorporates various kitchen elements into one compact unit


For the health-conscious, Marthinus van Schalkwyk’s Separo Fat Separator is a quick and effective solution for creating healthier diets by separating fat and oil from cooked meat and gravy.


FAT SEPImage: Marthinus van Schalkwyk’s Separo Fat Separator


FATImage: The elements that make up the Separo Fat Separator


Gavin Redman’s Compact Biogas Digester is a household organic waste digester which produces natural gas and compost. The Biogas Digester helps households to become energy independent by producing their own natural gas for cooking and other domestic needs.


image gavinImage:  Gavin Redman’s Compact Biogas Digester


CBD_exploded_viewImage: Components that make up the Compact Biogas Digester (exploded view)


Want to know more about our other Exhibitors? Look out for next week’s newsletter as we continue to feature some of the fantastic solutions you’ll be able to see at the Showcase in October!