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Exhibitors: Light up the room!

Sep 25, 2014

These Exhibitors have seen the light!


The Lightie by Michael Suttner is a solar-powered light bulb that can fit into a soda bottle to create a low-cost lantern. It provides between 5 and 30 hours of usable light.


the Lightie render 16_High_res

Image: Solar-powered bulb used in The Lightie


the Lightie render 30_Hi_res

Image: The solar-powered light bulb can fit into any soda bottle with ease


Prototype 16 Sep image (4)

Image: A prototype of The Lightie



 Image: Michael Suttner’s The Lightie in sequence



Vijay Mitha’s Safe Township Lighting makes use of Nuru light, a portable LED light that glows for up to 30 hours at a time. Nuru light can be recharged in only 20 minutes when attached to a pedal-powered generator.



Image: The Nuru PowerCycle



  Image: Nuru Light in different configurations



 Image: Vijay Mitha’s Safe Township Lighting can be recharged using a pedal-powered generator, the PowerCycle


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