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Exhibitors: Flushed Away

Aug 27, 2014

Due to the scarcity of land and infrastructure in low-income communities, there is a need for sanitation that not only takes up as little space as possible, but serves a dual purpose as well.


Giepie Smit’s Lifewise Eco-Loo is a washbasin mounted on top of a standard flush toilet. The used water automatically runs from the washbasin and empties directly into the toilet – saving water and space. No water is wasted in either the wash or flush processes.


Lifewise Eco Loo 2
Image: Eco – Loo  by Giepie Smit


The Lovely Loo by Francois De Flamingh is a low-cost, self-contained, private composting toilet. Harsh chemicals or water are not used as the system is designed to produce compost.


Lovely loo
Image: The Lovely Loo prototype by Francois De Flamingh



 Image: Setting up Francois De Flamingh’s Lovely Loo


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