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Exhibitors: Flex your green fingers

Oct 08, 2014

These exhibitors provide eco-friendly alternatives for growing your plants!


Manuela Wall’s GROWbag is a highly durable, unique outdoor planter made from old billboard vinyl skins. GROWbag is an easy way to grow one’s vegetables and herbs regardless of the size of the garden, balcony, driveway or wall.


image002 - Image1Image: The GROWbag planters come in amazing designs and colours - Image3Image: The planters fit into any space and are ideal for growing vegetable and herbs - Image2Image: Stand them or  hang them, the GROWBag planters add a pop of colour and convenience.



Probio’s Bokashi Composter Kit consists of wheat bran inoculated with SCD Probiotics that is used with the Probio Bokashi Composter bin. Together, they compost all food waste – including bones.


probioImage: The Probio Composter Kit


probio4Image: The Probio Composter bin


probio3Image: Wheat bran inoculated with SCD Probiotics



Image: The kit makes composting easy by turning all your food waste into organic soil conditioner



Willem Velthoven’s Living Roof is a smart, insulated roof that is grown from local agri-waste and mushroom mycelium. It integrates solar energy driven, always-on mesh networking wifi with basic led work light and charging power for electronics.


willemImage: The Living Roof by Willem Velthoven is grown from straw and mushroom mycelium


willem2Image: Getting the Living Roof set up


willem3Image: The concept behind the Living Roof


willem4Image: The Living Roof integrates solar energy driven networking wifi


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