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Exhibitors: Pocketful of Sunshine

Sep 11, 2014

Sunlight is possibly the most plentiful resource available to us in the southern hemisphere – and it’s free! These Exhibitors show us some of the ways in which solar power can be harnessed and used in the home:


Mark Blumenthal’s Solar Bottle is a low-cost, modified water cooler bottle with a black painted tin can which acts as a passive solar heater.


Solar Bottle

Image: A  prototype of Solar Bottle by Mark Blumenthal


solar bottle

Image: The Solar Bottle undergoing a measurement run


Deon du Preez’s Solazela, on the other hand,  is a high-pressure solar water heater made entirely from recyclable plastic material – providing a household with over 125 litres of hot water per day.



Image: Solazela performance testing station



Image: Deon Du Preez’s Solazela


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