Better Living Challenge


EcoStandard and the Better Living Challenge

Nov 12, 2014

EcoStandardTM is proud to be a sponsor of the Better Living Challenge. The sponsorship includes a high level assessment of each of the 9 Finalists in the Structural Home category in terms of their environmental performance. The winner of this category will receive a full EcoStandard EcoProductTM assessment which involves the product being assessed in terms of Lifecycle assessment principles and obtaining a Star rating.


EcoStandard was founded as a Non-Profit Organisation by EcoExhibit and Jeffares & Green in 2009. EcoExhibit is a permanent exhibition of environmental building materials based at North Gate Estate in Cape Town. Jeffares and Green (Pty) Ltd is a South African owned engineering and environmental consultancy with a 90 year history. EcoExhibit found that it was increasingly difficult to assess the environmental claims of products that manufacturers brought for display as there was no credible tool to assess them. EcoExhibit teamed up with Jeffares & Green in 2009 to develop a reliable standard and assessment criteria in order to impartially and objectively assess the environmental claims being made. EcoStandard has been active since August 2013.


Certified products carrying an EcoStandard EcoProductTM label are easily identifiable by industry and customers who choose to make environmentally informed decisions. EcoStandard EcoProductTM complies with ISO14024 which is a Type 1 environmental labelling programme based on a cradle to grave approach. Products / building systems are assessed using 5 criteria, namely; Resources, Manufacturing, Product Use, Packaging and Distribution; and End of Life / Recyclability. Each criteria are scored independently to then achieve an overall score and ultimate star rating.




EcoStandard EcoProductTM is recognised by the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) as an independent third party audited Ecolabel. For more information about the EcoStandard EcoProductTM rating system, contact Sally-Anne Käsner or Bonte Edwards on 021-530 1899 /