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Life after the BLC Design + Build Incubator: Continuing support for the builders

Jul 03, 2019

Although this phase of the BLC 2 is now coming to an end, the CDI has made a commitment to continuing to support the 15 small-scale builders who participated in the Incubator. The support we have created for the builders includes monthly group mentorship sessions. We have had three sessions so far since March and will continue these until the end of November this year.

“We are continuing to seek opportunities for this group to continue the learning process of the Incubator and support them to embed the new skills they have acquired,” says BLC team member Olwethu Jack, who has been instrumental in providing the support.

“The participants were truly inspired by the Incubator experience, and as a result they have formed small groups where they live. They are now working as teams on some projects based on their different skill sets. It has been fantastic to see how they have taken the initiative to build their own communication lines and collaborate with each other.”

While the Incubator has equipped the 15 builders with design, building and business skills that they found incredibly rewarding, it has highlighted the need for further support for small-scale builders.

“We demonstrated through the training of just 15 small-scale builders that skills development for small-scale builders can make a big difference. There’s now a need to further support this current group of 15 particularly with access to markets – in this instance it is to clients or organisations who are building new or upgrading existing dwellings in informal environments,” says Olwethu.

“The conversation we are having indicates a real hunger for change in their businesses, wanting to acquire more knowledge and skills especially in alternative technology.”

Municipalities and organisations that are keen to replicate this programme within their regions or who have projects where they think there might be additional learning opportunities for the current 15 participants are encouraged to reach out to the BLC 2 team via email.

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