Better Living Challenge


Exhibitors: A community that builds together grows together

Aug 18, 2014

Ubuntu, the spirit of togetherness, is a culturally prevalent value for most South Africans. As a firm supporter of co-design and the role community can play in developing and implementing design and innovation, we are excited that some of our Exhibitors’ concepts build not only houses but the community as well.


Plug-in Housing by Exhibitor Tudor Tenea provides the structural framework for constructing individual homes. These are then built in clusters around a public space – each cluster forming part of a community where basic services such as water and power are provided.


Tudor Tenea_Plugin housing
Image: Tudor Tenea


Exhibitor Dieter Voges’s uXande Housing Solutions is an alternative community development process where members participate in the design and building process, allowing for the independent management of waste, water and power production services by the community itself.



Image: Dieter Voges


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