Better Living Challenge


Co-design workshop with the Better Living Challenge

May 19, 2014

Powerful solutions emerge when a design process begins with end-user research that explores people’s needs and values. Users can be involved through the entire design process or invited to participate at key stages.

We are arranging site visits and running a two day co-design workshop to support a user-centred design approach. We still have a few places left for designers to participate. The co-design workshop is a small, focused event where we will be carrying out research and design activities in a community. The workshop is taking place on 23 and 24 May (Friday and Saturday) in Khayelitsha, Blue Hall, Site C.

We have a packed two day programme, aimed at drawing on participant’s knowledge and areas of interest. During the two days you will visit to some homes to look at different structures, hear presentations from practitioners working in housing, spend time generating ideas and then go through a process of rapid prototyping! Assisting us will be our co-design workshop facilitator, Shannon Royden-Turner.

Shannon is driven by a mission to inspire transformation by remaining loyal to a lifetime quest of challenging the typical in all situations to create an emergent reality that is capable of creating visionary futures for cities that are abundant and flourishing using nature as a model. Her social enterprise, in/formal south, focuses on using strategic design applied at a systems level within the fields of infrastructure, urban development and community developemnt. Recognizing that cities are eco-systems, she uses biomimicry and experiential intelligence to create cooperative relationships between people of different cultures and between people and nature.

Her ability to challenge the typical scenario is supported by a solid foundation in systems thinking and an ability to identify leverage points within systems. She has extensive experience at working in multidisciplinary teams with a focus on distributive decision-making, lateral thinking, and a belief that development happens through the co-creation of ideas.

We will close off on Saturday afternoon with a pitching session where each group will pitch their idea to a panel of judges. All this in two short days!

If you are interested in this amazing opportunity please submit a one-page motivation to