Better Living Challenge


Catching up on BLC developments

Oct 20, 2015

Lisa Parkes PETCO

October has been a watershed month, with a juggle in staffing and significant progress being made with our award winners. We are pleased to report that Lisa Parkes has joined the CCDI as the new project manager, taking over from Fran Cox, who is still with CCDI but shifts her focus to other projects. Lisa brings with her a wealth of experience in the sustainability and built environment sector.

The early part of the month was spent catching up with award winners and plotting an action plan till the end of the year.

CitySpec, winners in the connected home category, are currently focussed on a Cost Benefit Analysis for their solution. Their desired outcome of this exercise is to shed light on the cost and resource savings to municipalities and the improvement in the quality of life for communities when using the CitySpec app- mobile inspection system.

Lumkani are tweaking their new mould design for their battery operated fire detector with award partners SKEG product development. Lumkani have now placed an order for twenty-five 3D prototypes to be used in the SABS testing process.

USE-IT has appointed Didier D’Hotman to drive their BLC award implementation; they are now steaming ahead with brand development, supported by award partners Zoom Advertising. The Compressed Earth Block is now aptly called the RAMBRICK. Their efforts are focussed on business planning, as well as collateral development for their stand at the Green Building Council Convention in November which will serve as a fantastic platform for introduction of the brick with its unique brand identity into the market.

As we creep into the final stretch of 2015 we continue to provide bespoke support, tailored to the needs of each winner, who are each at a different stage in their journey. We are passionate about ensuring that solutions with positive social impact make it into the marketplace and that our winners learn and grow with the support offered as part of their prize package. For those companies and individuals that didn’t enter ideas or product this round, don’t despair. We are very busy conceptualising and framing the BLC 2 together with our provincial stakeholders and look forward to reporting again on progress in this regard, in our next newsletter, so watch this space!