Better Living Challenge


Better Living Challenge Vacancy: Exhibition Designer

Jul 30, 2014

Better Living Challenge – SHOWCASE (October 2014)

Terms of Reference: Exhibition Designer



The Better Living Challenge is a design competition held earlier this year, which called for green and affordable products, systems and services, to improve the homes of people living in low-income communities. The Challenge received 130 entries of which 59 have been invited to exhibit at a Showcase in October.


The signature event of the Better Living Challenge, the Showcase will exhibit these solutions interactively to allow for maximum engagement and input from end users. There are two Showcase sites; ensuring a wide exposure of these innovative solutions to a broad cross-section of people.


The services of an EXHIBITION DESIGNER are required. The core responsibilities and skills of this appointment are:

  • graphic design and layout
  • some architectural skills – or an ability to brief stand builders and also work with builders erecting housing structures
  • develop the graphic relationship between the exhibition and the other designed materials (such as communications’ flyers and banners for example)
  • project and budget management.



  1. Work closely with the Exhibition Curator.
  2. Analyze the chosen solutions and exhibition pieces to be supplied, for example a model, prototype, working item, structure etc. in an effort to group the items visually and structurally so that they can be interactive and effective for public appreciation.
  3. Design an exhibition voting system.
  4. Design the exhibition look and feel. Think of how this translates into all associated printed collateral – for example an invitation, a pamphlet / information flyer, an information billboard.
  5. Work closely with the BLC Project Manager and Showcase volunteer assistant who is coordinating the housing structures which contain the exhibition.
  6. Meet when required with the Exhibition Advisory Panel.
  7. Create working drawings in order to get costs from exhibition builders.
  8. Manage exhibition production budget.
  9. Create print-ready artwork for exhibition builders.
  10. Manage exhibition builders.



  1. Start mid-August (or before).
  2. Complete exhibition designs by mid-September.
  3. Oversee production costing and exhibition installation.


Please send a covering / motivating letter, contact details, CV and / or portfolio outline to the Better Living Challenge Project Manager:


Applications to be received by no later than FRIDAY 8th AUGUST

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