Better Living Challenge



Oct 27, 2014

We are delighted to announce the Better Living Challenge Showcase Judging Panel, which is made up of an impressive list of 14 prominent industry leaders. The panel boasts members with expertise in renewable energy, sustainability, green architecture, energy efficiency, education, community development, product development, business investment, as well as product, industrial and interior design.


These judges are tasked with evaluating the finalists’ entries in order to help determine the overall winners. The overall winning scores will be a combination of scores from the judging panel, a public voting component and the scores of three community voting panels. The judges’ contribution will count for 60% of the total score; the scores from the community voting groups contribute  30% to the final score; and the public votes carry a 10% weighting.


Every finalist entry will benefit from several scoring opportunities: on the judging panel, four different judges will score each finalist over two judging days. With the community voting panels, three groups of 40 people will score each finalist; this will take place over three voting days.


The Better Living Challenge Judging Panel includes prominent thought leaders in their respective fields, as follows:

  • Aditya Kumar, Deputy Director of Community Organisation Resource Centre (CORC)
  • Stefan Raubenheimer, Director of South South North
  • Josette Cole, Executive Director of the Development Action Group
  • Kelly Berman of Design Indaba
  • Saberi Marais, Business Development Manager at Technology Innovation Agency
  • Willie van Straaten, Director of Inventec
  • Val Geen, Head of the Energy Programme at the National Business Initiative
  • Lisa Kropman, Director of the Bertha Foundation
  • Jo Anderson, Programme Manager at the Green Building Council
  • Natalie Khambi, Board Member at the Black Management Forum
  • Bulelwa Makalima-Ngewana, CEO of Cape Town Partnership
  • Pierre Becker, CEO of SKEG
  • Gary Moss, Business Director of Zoom Advertising


Two members of the original Better Living Challenge Selection Panel (tasked with selecting the finalists) have been invited to Chair each of the two Judging Panel sessions. Malcolm Worby of Malcolm Worby Designs and Jaisheila Rajput, CEO of TOMA-Now, will Chair the judging sessions.