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BLC finalist Ugesi Gold unveils PowerTurtle at Pheasant Folly Primary School in Gauteng

Mar 07, 2016

The SolarTurtle team proudly unveiled their latest addition, the PowerTurtle, at the Pheasant Folly Primary School in Palm Ridge, Gauteng on the 24th of February.
In 2015 the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) was approached with the new way of providing solar electricity to off-grid schools. Other solar projects previously attempted saw their solar panels stolen or vandalised within weeks. This next generation SolarTurtle – called the PowerTurtle – provides a secure solution for Pheasant Folly Primary and the children. The PowerTurtle overcomes the need for a generator and diesel which is prohibitively expensive for schools like Pheasant Folly, and the solar powered solution removes the noise pollution factor of a generator, and it is much more environmentally friendly as well.

James van der Walt, CEO of Ugesi Gold and the developer of SolarTurtle, said the PowerTurtle is the first step towards secure, reliable and sustainable electricity for schools like Pheasant Folly Primary School. “The unique design allows a series of solar panels to unfold from the confines of a secure 6m shipping container, and back again at night. With this extra security the panels are set to outlast the harsh realities that off-grid schools face.”

James said they have also launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the PowerTurtle and SolarTurtle vision. Find out more at:

Check out the report on the launch of the PowerTurtle at Pheasant Folly Primary School here: